The 2024 Bitcoin Halving: How It Will Transform the Crypto Market

What event in the crypto world can simultaneously cause waves of excitement and anxiety among investors? Welcome to the discussion on the 2024 Bitcoin Halving – an event poised to potentially transform the landscape of cryptocurrency investment as we know it. Bitcoin halving has always been a pivotal moment for the digital currency, directly impacting … Read more

Dive into the Crypto Wave: How Bitcoin’s Record Surge Affects You

Introduction: A New Frontier in Investment Welcome to the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency, where investment landscapes are transformed overnight, and the digital currency Bitcoin has once again shattered expectations and records. For those on the cusp of diving into this fascinating realm, recent developments signal not just an opportunity but a clarion call to explore, … Read more

Dive Into the Future: Earn by Staking Your Bitcoin

At Bitfolio Academy, we’re always on the lookout for groundbreaking opportunities, especially when it comes to investments. The digital age has blessed us with cryptocurrency, a realm brimming with potential. Today, let’s dive into a novel concept that’s making waves in the crypto world: earning yield through Bitcoin staking. This innovative approach not only bolsters … Read more

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Originally published on Nov 22, 2022 (updated February 11, 2023) Price Prediction Folly Have you been fishing for the bitcoin price bottom? Allow me to explain why I think that bottom fishing is folly. Over the next 6 months, the recession will deepen, and interest rates will rise. … Read more

My Floor Price For The Bitcoin Price

Listen on Spotify Originally published on Jul 03, 2022 (updated February 11, 2023) When the price of Bitcoin dropped below $19,000, a Bitfolio Academy member asked me, “What is your floor price for Bitcoin?” Bitcoin in the Buy Zone I recently published “My floor price for Bitcoin” on Tradingview, so I thought that I would … Read more

The Bitcoin Price Just Painted A Golden Cross

Below are my Bitcoin trades over the last six months. When trading long, I exit when the Sell Signal appears. When trading short, I exit when the Buy Signal appears. To learn how to read the signals, join my free Discord server or look for TA under Trading. Recent Bitcoin Price Performance (2023-02-08) The chart above is one … Read more

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