The Future of Money: How CBDCs will Impact Your Finances

Date: 2023-02-16T14:00:03Z Creator: Bitfolio Academy

If you don’t realize what’s coming up, you will be blindsided. The central banks all across the world have big plans to take control of your finances. What are Central Bank Digital Currencies? You need to be aware of what is coming.

This week, Bank of England launched its Digital Pound. Let me break it down for you.
Step one: Your central bank will create a wallet for you to download on the Apple Store and on the Google Play store.
Step two: They will airdrop you some digital cash. Who doesn’t want free cash?
Step three: The digital cash could be programmed to ensure it’s only spent on essentials or on what the government deems is sensible.
Step four: They will track what you spend to determine if you will qualify for future airdrops.

This is big brother controlling what you spend. They will dictate what you can and cannot purchase. They will turn on and turn off your money.

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